About Us

The time has come. It’s time to think about your health and, therefore, diet. Start with simple, yet essential habits: a glass of freshly squeezed juice in the morning and some green smoothie in the middle of the day. Ready to change your life for the better? Start with choosing the right equipment.

That’s exactly where we come into play. With the help of this site, your shopping will become way easier. Forget about scrolling the online stores’ pages for hours in hope of finding unbiased, trustworthy reviews. Here, you may rest assured all the hard work has been done for you.

How do we make our reviews?

  • Topic research

Depending on the juicer or blender type, our team of experts first decide which exactly features need to be paid closer attention to. Based on these, we start our product search.

  • Scouring the market

Our next step is to choose the models which boast of the most impressive specifications, design, buyers’ reviews, and value. Everything, including the sales statistics, is taken into consideration.

  • Testing the products

After we picked all the best models on the market, we next need to check if they live up to the hype. Our experts test each one independently to outline its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you get a full picture of what to expect from it.

  • Writing reviews and buying guides

Then, our talented writers come into action. Their goal is to turn the experts’ findings into a cohesive, organized text. Our editorial team makes sure there’re no grammatical, logical, or any other mistakes. When the final article version is ready, our content managers create a page ready for publication.

Our team



Research Writer

Teresa is an experienced journalist and a mother of two. No wonder, her articles are so informative and cohesive: she knows how to write and is interested in picking the best of the best for her family.




Mary is a young technical engineer. In her free time, she loves traveling — whether it’s a small camping trip with friends or a huge two-week hiking journey in the Alps.



Expert Consultant

For about ten years, William had been a representative of one of the well-known home appliances brand. Now he runs his own store and consults us on any question which may arise during our research.

Are we sponsored?

We participate in an affiliate program which means we get commissions in case something is sold with the help of our reviews. However, there’s no particular brand which offers more commissions than others. This lets us stay unbiased and independent in our decisions.

Anything to add?

In case you have a question about any of the products or our reviews in general, leave a comment at the bottom of the review page or text us directly to [email protected]. Our team of experts is always there to consult you on any juicer- or blender-related issue.